Venturing Beyond,
Powering Quantum Innovation

Quantum Coast Capital (QCC) is a pioneer in quantum computing application investment.

Strategic Focus

Quantum Coast Capital invests in early to mid-stage U.S.-based quantum computing applications by aligning with the U.S. government’s initiatives to advance quantum computing technology.

Beyond domestic innovation, QCC also secures and expands U.S. technology around the world.

What is Quantum?

Driven by quantum mechanics, Quantum Computing can calculate at speeds and complexity far exceeding traditional computers.

Quantum computing operates on the principle of quantum mechanics that explores the smallest particle, atom and photon activity. Unlike traditional binary computers, quantum computers use Qubits, to process massive amounts of information at one time.

Recent advancements have catapulted quantum computing from theoretical musings to practical reality, marking a technological breakthrough with significant implications. This evolution is powered by breakthroughs in qubit stability, error correction, and algorithm development, enabling quantum computers to tackle complex problems once deemed insurmountable. From cryptography to drug discovery, these advances are setting the stage for quantum computing to revolutionize industries by offering solutions that traditional computing paradigms cannot provide, heralding a new era of computing power and capability.

Quantum computing is not a replacement for classical computing in all aspects but offers substantial advantages in specific, complex problem-solving scenarios.


433 qubits


1,121 qubits


1,386 qubits


4,158 qubits


10,000 qubits

Recent progress and outlook according to the IBM quantum computing roadmap.
Quantum computing optimizes renewable energy systems like wind and solar, significantly boosting efficiency and output.

From $260 million in 2020 revenue, the global quantum computing market could reach $9 billion by 2030, featuring a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 43%.


Distribution of Quantum Computing Use Cases

This emerging technology promises breakthroughs in various fields, including:

  • Decrypting highly secure codes in cryptography;
  • Driving drug discovery through complex chemical reaction models;
  • Optimizing logistics and transportation beyond what is currently considered possible;
  • Enhancing machine learning and artificial intelligence to manage exponentially larger datasets, advancing personalized medicine, climate science, and financial modeling.

Quantum computing’s capacity to solve currently intractable problems will open a new era of innovation, making it a critical focus point for future research and development.

  • Quantum Simulation (incl. Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals)
  • Optimization
  • Machine Learning and AI
  • Cryptography and Security
  • Financial Modeling
  • Weather Forecasting and Climate Modeling
Quantum computing analyzes complex medical data and biomolecular structures at unprecedented speeds, massively elevating diagnoses accuracy and personalized treatment.

Quantum Coast Capital is an unparalleled opportunity to invest at the start of our next technological innovation now verging on exponential expansion.