Hillary Matchett

General Partner


Hillary Matchett is a distinguished finance executive with a profound impact on strategic development, leadership, and corporate finance. With a notable tenure on various Boards of Directors, her experience spans guiding startups to mature companies through complex financial landscapes and strategic milestones. Her leadership philosophy is anchored in fostering innovation, operational excellence, and sustainable growth, making her an invaluable asset to any venture looking to scale.

Her background in directing corporate finance initiatives demonstrates a keen ability to drive financial strategy, manage risk, and secure capital – essential skills for navigating the challenges of today’s dynamic markets. As a member of several Boards, Hillary brings a strategic vision that balances long-term growth with meticulous financial oversight, ensuring that companies not only survive but thrive in competitive environments. She has a commitment to leveraging diversity as a strength, fostering an inclusive culture where innovation can flourish.

Hillary’s extensive experience in leadership roles across finance and development sectors highlights her capacity to build and lead high-performing teams, spearhead strategic initiatives, and forge lasting partnerships.

Investors seeking a leader with a proven track record of strategic development, financial acumen, and a deep commitment to corporate governance will find in Hillary Matchett a partner who is not only equipped to navigate the complexities of growth and investment but also driven to achieve excellence through ethical leadership and strategic foresight.