Matt Cimaglia

Founder & Managing Partner


Matt Cimaglia is the visionary Founder and Managing Partner of Quantum Coast Capital, where he spearheads investments in cutting-edge quantum computing technologies. With a deep understanding of the global shifts quantum technology is poised to bring, Matt views it as the next industrial revolution, focusing on the transformative implications and unprecedented opportunities it presents.

Matt’s entrepreneurial journey began with the founding of Cimaglia Productions, a venture he successfully exited, leading to the formation of Third Summit. Recognizing a market need for a scalable SaaS solution for content management, he co-founded, a groundbreaking platform that simplifies and democratizes digital content creation and management. Under his leadership, has gained significant traction, marked by strategic hires, intellectual property development, and notable investments.

At Quantum Coast Capital, Matt is dedicated to demystifying quantum computing and driving forward its adoption. His expertise encompasses a wide array of topics including quantum applications, investment strategies, and entrepreneurship. Matt’s leadership is characterized by his strategic vision and commitment to fostering innovation in the quantum realm, positioning Quantum Coast Capital at the forefront of this technological revolution.

Matt holds a strong track record of advising and consulting for numerous companies, leveraging his extensive experience to identify and nurture high-potential startups. His efforts are now concentrated on building Quantum Coast Capital into a leading investment firm, exclusively targeting U.S.-based companies and startups that are poised to harness the power of quantum technology.

Through Quantum Coast Capital, Matt aims to create a robust ecosystem that supports the development and commercialization of quantum computing, ensuring that the United States remains a global leader in this pivotal field.